About Us

Tiny Bean Trailer is the lifestyle blog of Christine and Shae LuBean which follows their journey through building a home out of a cargo trailer and finding the independence both of them desire. In this blog, you will find posts about tiny and green living, frugality, and alternatives to what society believes is unchangeable. Basically, Shae and I are trying to define our own American Dream in a world where the meaning of the dream is ever-changing.


Christine LuBean AKA Tiny has lived in the same city and the same home for all of her 28 years and is ready to get out. Life has pretty much kicked her butt for a majority of her life, but she’s ready to punch life back, and in the face. Being able to graduate with an English degree while struggling with personal loss and chronic illness, she has discovered that approaching life differently from the preconceived norms is the best way to live, and she wants to help others understand it’s completely fine to be a late bloomer, to blaze your own trail, or to just walk the path least followed.

Shae LuBean AKA The Bean probably isn’t going to write his own bio, so Tiny is doing it for him. He was the one who came up with the crazy idea of living in a cargo trailer. Though he originally wanted to live in a van and boondock everywhere, Tiny drew the line at that. After all, she needs a decent toilet nearby at all times, and, therefore, The Bean decided to settle on the cargo trailer out of love. When he’s not watching every single YouTube video on tiny living, he’s usually watching every single YouTube video on building computers. He also wants to be an electrical engineer like his dad and is working on that goal while he and his wife work on their cargo trailer home.